fridge repair refrigerator defrosting gas refilling nairobi kenya

fridge repair refrigerator defrosting gas refilling nairobi kenya

We do fridge / freezer / refrigerator defrosting services in Nairobi Kenya. You should check and remove any chunks of ice that may have built up at the back of your refrigerator at least twice a year. The fridge can also use a good cleaning when you handle the defrosting. You may wonder why the ice build-up takes place when it’s supposed to work frost-free? The thermostat may be set correctly and the door is kept closed, but it’s an anomaly that you should be prepared for.

You have to do a defrost every now and again to keep your fridge working well.

Fridge repair in nairobi kenya

Here are quick steps on How to defrost your fridge / Refrigerator

Turn the fridge off and open the fridge and freezer doors, remove all items and put them in a cool place.
Pull the shelves away from the back / remove them – it may be an ideal time to give them a good washing.
Use a hair dryer to melt the outside of the ice block. The idea is to soften around the edge so that it can be chipped off in one piece
Try and remove the block as a whole.
Wipe dry with a clean cloth and replace the shelves.
Dont use a hair dryer that has a frayed cord. Keep the appliance away from water.
Do not use metal utensils to remove the ice or frost from a fridge to avoid puncturing the casings

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