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Fridge Gas Charging – Important steps in Refrigerator Gas Filling
Fridge Gas Charging – Common in most household refrigerators is a significant home appliance. It’s basically equipped with a thermally insulated chamber and heat pump…

It always wonders how heat and cold air work together. However it more on mechanical and electronic and maybe chemical knowledge. read some Important steps in the household Refrigerator Gas Filling process. The amazing part of the refrigerator is that heat is generated and directed inside the fridge but on the external areas. What happens? The inside will be cooled to lower and unbearable temperatures. This in other words meaning below normal temperature thus conserving all the foods and drinks in the refrigerator.

Refrigerators can be used by families as home appliance, companies and also institutions. The main task is to keep lower temperatures and reduce bacteria’s from reproducing and thus avoid food from going bad.

Enough with the tasks and mechanism of what works where. Today in our article we focus on how to refill gas on the refrigerator. With all the questions which linger in our minds about Refrigerator Gas Filling.

Is gas dangerous? Do I need experts to refill my refrigerator? How much does the gas go for? One can’t stop with all this question. Here we answer and educate you to full satisfaction.

Which gas is used for the refrigerator or Fridge?
Before one fills Refrigerator Gas Filling, it’s proper for you to find what best for your appliance. There different gases for different use. Nonetheless in the new era refrigerators are using refrigerant by the name HFC-134a. We also have 1, 1, 1&2 Tetrafluoroethane, sounding too scientific. In greater and advanced countries Indian and Europe countries, R-600a/isobutene are the gases to use for your Refrigerator Gas Filling.

Refrigerator Gas Filling

Refrigerator Gas Filling -Fridge Gas Charging

The above gas is environment friendly, making them healthy for human. Though in the past year’s gases used haven’t been safe and with the new invention, the recent and upcoming gases are best for the


A gas with haloalkane refrigerant which has thermodynamic properties is popularly known as the R-134A. This type of gas has no additional features or components, it is the best gas for refrigerators.


It gets a high rank since it has thermodynamic properties which are closely related to R-22. This the alternative for the R-22 as most people are using it more on vehicles and AC. As we have seen the common gases for the new refrigerators are 1, 1, 1&2 Tetrafluoroethane, hydrofluorocarbons and pentafluoroethane. R-407C replacing Freon which was considered unsafe for the environment.


Working and having the same properties as R-134A and R-407C. The R-404 has conditions as it only works for with temperatures of -45 degrees to 15. Yes, this makes it unique for transport and industrial uses.


It a combination of two popular gases thus producing the R-410A. Very safe for the environment and other uses. This gas has the highest refrigeration capacity and used on commercial refrigeration and all coolant units.

With all the above types of gases and only the best for your refrigerator. We now come to the process of filling the appliance. It can be done by an expert or simple the owner, have the right equipment and check for possible leakage points.

Fridge Gas Charging – Refrigerator Gas Refilling process.
Fridge Gas Charging – Refrigerator Gas Filling – This a way to Refrigerator Gas Filling which maybe half or none and causing the refrigerator not to cool/conserve the food and drinks to the right temperatures. You need the correct gas as we have highlighted them and you can follow the steps below in Fridge Gas Charging.

AC Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

First, check the compressor and where you have the process tube.
When get here now connect a valve on the compressor process tube.
On the same gadget, they are enclosed instruction read and also tighten all the screws.
Ensure the compressor is well attached.
Enter the hose mouth to the already inserted valve then open it.
Again I insist on you reading all the instruction on the valve.
Now check the gauge it should be off and well fixed.
It is sometimes tricky on which side to turn off. Using the valve open any of the sides and listen to the gas escapes. Here you will know which side to turn off.
The compressor tube has gauge attached and has the negative and the positive side. It the “0” scale which is right green and the black part representing the vacuum or negative side.
A negative sign indicates your refrigerator has no coolant/gas. Remember this what you need to preserve the stuff inside. With the above procedure, we have connected the valve ensured its tight and no leakage. On checking the gauge you will note how much gas will be refilled according to the readings.

Now pick your coolant or gas can according to what fits your fridge refrigerator. Using the gauge let the airflow
For longer hose first, close the valve which is connected to the compressor. Open the gas can then open the valve just slightly to ensure you hear the gas flow. Now quickly slacken the valve and constrict the hose then turn off the valve at the gauge.
Assuming we are using the R-134A gas open the valve and keep the can upright.
Give the gas sometimes to flow inside the refrigerator. In like 10 minutes time check the activity happening on the gauge any increase or decrease which is bad. An increase should happen as we are aiming at getting 3-lbs. use the valve to regulate the pressure.
Again open the valve let the gas flow keep checking in intervals of 10-15 min. check how tight the valve is and adjust.
Finally, check your gauge if it’s at the right lbs. you are good to go, the process is very simple but needs a lot of care. Check for leakages and how you set all the gauges.
It should be noted that once refilled the gas should go for some years. Yes, I know some will say: my fridge refrigerator coolant/gas leaks out quickly forcing me to fill often? When this happens please check your piercing valve whether well tighten and the type. Stop leaks might also come in handy but in most cases, a leak shouldn’t happen. The mistake will be at the valve check fix and your refrigerator will be cool as always. Do you want more other than Fridge Gas Charging?

Reasons for water leakage from the Fridge Refrigerator at Home
Some problems with the refrigerator are very common. Problems like water leakage from your refrigerator are obvious and they need not worry you. Mostly the water will leak from the bottom of the refrigerator or collects from the vegetable drawers. We have discussed most of the major and common causes of water leakage from the refrigerator.

Blockage in the drainage hole

The refrigerator has a drainage hole at the rare end above the drawers. The whole helps in the evaporation tray that is right above the compressor. Normally when the refrigerator is operating, water goes down into this whole. In case the whole gets blocked by food particles or any other type of dirt, the water will flow back to the refrigerator instead of passing through the whole this water will be seen as leakage. The remedy to this is to call a professional refrigerator repair technician to clean up the blocked whole. By doing this the water will flow normally through the drain hole and there will be no water leakage.

Broken drain pan

A fault drain pan can lead to water leakage from the refrigerator. The drain pan is located or placed below the refrigerator or just near the compressor. During the defrost cycle of the refrigerator, the refrigerator usually builds up a lot of ice and frost over the cooling coils. This ice eventually melts and flows down to the drain pan. Always the heat from the condenser evaporates the water and prevents it from flowing out of the drain pan. In case the drain pan is broken, water will eventually spill off and seem to be leakage.

Water filter

During installation, it’s very essential you ensure that every part of your refrigerator is well fitted. This is because if not done well they can be a leading cause to many emerging issues. For example, if your water filter is not fitted properly, or the filter is too old or else it doesn’t fit correctly with your refrigerator model or make the changes will be there is a poor connection between the filter and the water supply. To prevent the refrigerator water leakage ensures and confirms there is no water that seeps or passes due to the holes left in the filter. It’s also very important to check the model of both the fridge and the filter for proper matching and surety of effective compatibility.

Defrost drain

Among the reasons for water leakage in the refrigerator is a faulty defrosts drain. When the drainage pan get blocked by the food particles. It automatically prevents the water that is accumulated during the defrost process from passing through and drain in the pan. The undrained water will begin to build up and cause leakage from your refrigerator. The remedy to this problem is to clean and remove any particle that is causing the blockage from the drain pan.

Water Tank Assembly

When your refrigerator leaks water, the water tank assembly may have leapt a leak. At this point, it’s good to check the water tank assembly while it’s still in the refrigerator to confirm if there is any leakage found. Remember the tank need not be under any kind of pressure. This hole might be very tinny to go unnoticed so you need to be very careful and keen. Sometimes this tank could be made of coiled tubes thus making is so difficult to find and identify the cracks. Whenever you discover any leakage, you need to replace it immediately to avoid water leakage. The plastic used to make the tanks doesn’t accept glue very well so it’s advisable to replace with a new one.

Water inlet valve

When your refrigerator is leaking water, the problem could be the valve might be having a crack or having a loose-fitting. The water fitting is very sensitive and needs a minimum of 20psi to enable it to shut properly. In case the water inlet is not shutting off properly, and the water pressure is good you need to replace the water inlet valve.

Water filter housing

Water sink in Fridge
Water sink in Fridge- Water Leakage from the Fridge
If your refrigerator is leaking water, most probably the water filter is cracked or rather broken. Scrutinize the water filter properly and replace it immediately in case you find some cracks since this is the only remedy to this problem.

Water filter head

At times the water filter head could be at default or cracked leading the water leakage from the refrigerator. Breaking of the seal or the missing seal might be also the cause of the leakage. Confirm if the seal is there if not find a replacement immediately.

The water filter

In most cases, the water filter might be poorly installed, check keenly the installation of the same to ensure you prevent the leakage of the water in the refrigerator.

Ice maker

The water line connections to the ice maker at times can become very loose or the seals can age or rather become loose. Such problems may lead to water getting pooled under and around the refrigerator. Some of this ice-maker is made of plastic hoses and this may tear or crack. At times they get kinked creating pressure that changes into a leakage in the connection area. It’s good to check the water line leading to the ice-maker, usually located to the exterior of the fridge. Check also any signs of moisture if you find the supply line is the problem. You are likely to find water dripping down through that line on to the floor. The remedy is to tighten the connections or rather replace the waterline. It will also be effective if you replace the connectors to get a restored seal.

The refrigerator is a very delicate appliance, it requires to be handled with a lot of care and whenever you notice any abnormality it’s advisable you address the matter immediately. However, due to its delicacy always use a qualified technician to address the matter to prevent more damage if you leave it to the quacks from water leakage from the refrigerator.

Fridge Gas Charging and Fridge Gas Cost
R134 gas – 450 450 g

R600 gas – 400 200g

HC Blend gas – 450 170 g

R290 gas – 400 170g

We will update more about Fridge Gas Charging soon.


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