Cold room problems 

  • Some product is freezing
  • Some product is shriveling
  • Some product is sweating or has free water on it
  • Product is displaying premature ripening, discoloring, loss of leaves (plants)
  • Product has odors or off-flavors
  • Product is rotting
  • Walls and/or ceiling are condensing
  • Walls and/or ceiling are moldy
  • Walls and/or ceiling are rotting
  • Ceiling is dripping
  • Floor is drying out even if floor is sprayed with water
  • Inside air temperature fluctuates during storage period
  • Inside air temperature is warmer than desired during storage period
  • Inside air temperature is colder than desired during the storage period
  • Inside air temperature is not uniform
  • The storage air smells bad or is difficult to breathe
  • Evaporator coils are icing up and run a lot of condensate
  • Electrical consumption is rising
  • Freezers faults
  • can’t turn on, Not keeping food cold
  • Leaks; Not cooling properly; Very noisy; Water dispenser not working; Defrosting issues

Washing Machine Problems include

  • Washing machine will not start on power
  • Washing machine noisy
  • Washing machine will not drain or is noisy on drain cycle
  • Washing machines drum not washing, turning or spinning
  • Washing machine not spinning
  • Washing machine not heating or overheating
  • Washing machine not filling
  • Bad smell from washing machine
  • Washing machine lights flash and won’t work
  • Washing machine leaks from the front
  • Washing machine is leaking
  • Washing machine will not start
  • Clothes are damaged after washing
  • Clothes are still dirty
  • Door will not open at end of program
  • Drum will not rotate
  • Machine overfills and floods
  • No water entering machine
  • Stuck on wash cycle
  • Washer doesn’t fill with water
  • Washer/Dryer doesn’t dry


  • Some of the problems we fix are
  • No power to cooker
  • Main oven has power but doesn’t heat up
  • Grill has power but doesn’t heat up
  • Cooker Oven cuts out
  • Cooker burns food
  • Units adjacent to cooker are burning
  • Control knobs and door are getting too hot
  • Cooker door won’t close properly or has fallen off
  • Units adjacent to oven are burning


  • Treadmill repair in nairobi Weslo, Yowza, true, spirit, Precor, Horizon fitness,
  • Landice, sole treadmill, smooth fitness, ProForm, Life fitness, livestrong, reebock, norditrack, technogym, vision fitness
  • Some of the faults are
  • Elevation Function Isn’t Working
  • Treadmill not lubricated / lack of lubrication
  • Treadmill is Erratic
  • Improper Incline Use
  • Bad Strides
  • Slipping Belt
  • No Console Display
  • Burning Smell (could cause fire)
  • Non-Working Motor
  • Heated Belt (could cause fire)


  • We have solved the following faults
  • Not powering on
  • Your dishes don’t come out clean
  • Water pools on the floor—door leaks – leaking water
  • Dishwasher does not work – no sound, water or lights
  • Dishwasher does not start but motor hums
  • Dishwasher does not fill with water or it drains while filling
  • Dishwasher does not fill with water or it drains while filling
  • Water or soap leaks around the door
  • Water drains through the air gap into the sink
  • Dry cycle problems
  • Dishwasher is noisy
  • Door drops down with too much force
  • Door does not close or latch properly
  • Dishwasher cycle does not complete
  • Detergent cup does not open
  • Cycles times are too long
  • Dishes are not cleaned adequately
  • The walls, racks or tub are rust stained
  • Dishwasher leaves grit on dishes
  • Dishwasher unable to wash
  • Dishwasher does not clean dishes
  • Dishwasher is noisy
  • Dishwasher won’t drain
Washing Machines Repair in Nairobi, Refrigerators, Cooker, Oven

Washing Machines Repair in Nairobi, Refrigerators, Cooker, Oven

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