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SamsungWashing Machine (Washer) Repair Services in Nairobi

Washer services in Nairobi Kenya including : Washing machine installation, Washing Machine Fault Diagnosis and troubleshooting, Washer Repair, Washer – Dryer Services, Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer Spares and part. Call Imperial Appliances today if your laundry machine is not working and you need it fixed by trained and experienced technician. We offer affordable / cheap washing machine services while maintaining high quality serviceman-ship


We provide repair services for all kinds of washing machines. Enjoy a professional service that comes with a 12 month guarantee, affordable pricing and expert engineer services too.

Repair options for all major makes and brands

If you need a washing machine repair for AEG, Beko or Bosch, Hotpoint or Indesit, LG or Samsung, we can help. Our engineers provide effective solutions for all makes and models of domestic appliances.

Here at Imperial Appliances Repair Nairobi Services you’ll find everything you need in one place – prompt and professional help, genuine replacement spare parts, useful free advice and a friendly service. We are confident in our skills to undertake all types of repairs.

Check our list of most common washing machine repairs we come across:

  1. not spinning
  2. not draining
  3. not powering on
  4. not filling up with water
  5. not going into its final cycles
  6. stopping mid cycle
  7. showing door locked
  8. leaking
  9. not heating up the water
  10. putting holes in your clothes
  11. not cleaning clothes properly
  12. not taking detergent
  13. not starting the cycle
  14. reporting a fault code
  15. very noisy
  16. shaking and vibrating
  17. overfilling
  18. tripping electrics

Faults and Problems

When a laundry machine breaks it can be a massive inconvenience though often the fault can be something really simple. Finding out about the most common faults could help avoid great expense or at the very least rule out the most obvious things that could go wrong.

Problems could be something very simple like a loose object in the drum of the appliance or a clogged filter. Checking the most common problems first might just save calling out a professional unnecessarily. When checking for faults it is important to turn off the power to the appliance first to avoid any mishaps. Reducing or increasing the load size could also eliminate some issues relating to spinning or lack of.

Hiring a washing machine repair expert is of course recommended if the most obvious checks prove to be fruitless.

4 Interesting Facts You May Not Know

2.6 million domestic washing machines per year are sold in the KENYA

In Europe, more households own a washing machine than a car

Laundry machines are to be found in about 35% of KENYA household

In 1949, the average price of a laundry machine was about £60 and renting a washing machine was very common

We repair all brands and models

Our fast & reliable repair services‎

Whatever brand of appliance you have, if it has stopped working it doesn’t mean the machine has reached the end of its life. In fact, many fixes can be done quickly and cheaply – and yet to the highest of standards – if you call experienced engineers. You are just one call away from receiving help and advice, and you can also arrange for an engineer to visit your property as soon as possible to take a closer look at your washer-dryer.

If you didn’t think it was cost effective to get a repair done, think again – you could be very far from the truth. Our technicians have repaired countless household appliances that are still going strong today. Wear and tear can lead to broken or worn parts that are easy to replace in any make or model.

Washing machine repair experts in Nairobi

Our Nairobi-based appliance repair team will get your washing machine back to full working order again. We offer appliance repair help within the M25 area, with a two-hour time slot offered as standard. Closer to the time when the engineer from our appliance repair service turns up, they’ll call you to let you know when they’ll arrive.

When you need an appliance repair help that can handle all makes and models of machines, you need to call us. Our customer service team handles all calls for our repair service. They’ll pass your details onto an engineer who will be with you at the allotted time.

No one wants their washer to break down. But when it does, you want a service that is fast and successful. That’s what we can offer – a washer repair service providing countless spare parts right in the back of the van. Very few parts need to be ordered, thanks to the efficiency of our repair service. Everything is guaranteed for a full 12 months too.

Appliance Brands We Repair

From Beko to Bosch and Siemens to Zanussi, we can take a look at whatever make and model machine you have to determine what the problem is. Our service is designed with you in mind. We recognise you want a fast and convenient repair that doesn’t cost the earth.

When you call our team we’ll take your details and have an engineer come out to you as quickly as possible. Our washing machine repair service ensures you get the repair handled quickly and effectively so you can get back to using your machine again.

Solutions For All of Your Kitchen Appliance Needs

We have many happy customers already, many of whom have recommended us to others as well. Whatever appliance you have and whatever age it happens to be, you now have easy access to a service you can count on. We’ll easily be able to identify and resolve whatever problem your appliance has produced and solve it for you ASAP.


Not spinning

A washer-dryer that isn’t spinning correctly could be attributed to a too small or a too heavy load. Adjusting your load size could alleviate this fault. A washer has balance sensors that might detect a small load and cause it to not spin correctly. Similarly too much washing in your machine might mean a machine doesn’t drain correctly and ultimately cause it not to spin. By adding or removing items from a load could rectify this washer fault. Making sure the filter, typically at the front of a machine, isn’t blocked is also a way of checking the cause of not spinning.

Noisy appliance

It is possible that a washer fault could develop when the cycle seems too noisy. Most people know the noise levels of their machine so notice easily when it begins to make a strange noise, shake or rattle. Checking the filters and the drum for anything immediately obvious could eradicate this problem. There could be an object in the drum that has fallen out of a load of washing and removing that could stop the noise happening.

A rumbling noise could signify a washer fault with the bearings on the drum. Checking the filter might again reveal an obvious blockage that could clear the drain pump and do away with the excessive noise arising from this type of fault.

The door won’t open

It is fairly commonplace that no washer will let the door be opened whilst a cycle is underway. However, once a programme has completed the door release should activate. If this doesn’t happen then it could be possible to power off the machine and open the lid. Use the lever inside to release the door and open.

Bad smell

It might seem like an embarrassing problem to have but having a smelly washer is a relatively common fault. Modern liquid detergent and washing at a colder temperature means that bacteria is give the opportunity to breed and then causes the bad smell. Doing a maintenance wash will usually cure any smells leave your washer-dryer in tip top condition.

Stops mid cycle

This type of appliance fault could really be anything and short of eliminating things like a power cut or a break in electrical power then it typically worth hiring a professional to help. There’s a number of washer faults that can be diagnosed and treated by the owner but anything more technical needs the owner’s input.


A machine that is not spinning presents a big problem of very wet washing. Whilst washing might be clean if the washer is not spinning then you are likely to be presented with wringing wet loads of washing that would take a mammoth effort to get dry even on a hot day! These days we’re accustomed to doing much bigger loads and as a result we have much more washing to get dry. Despite washing machines having bigger drums than a few years ago there are times when we still expect too much of a washer and this can cause them not to turn.

Overloading your appliance with too much washing is the most common cause of a laundry machine not turning. As each washer is reliant on balance in the drum, as soon as this is compromised you are likely to experience the appliance not spinning or stopping completely. When a machine has a large load or even one that is too light the washer senses it is out of balance and as a result over compensates by stopping working properly. Even if it starts to spin it will not reach top spin speeds if there is a problem detected with the size of the load. Read on to find out how overloading can break your washing machine.

When a washer is not spinning it is nearly always down to user error and redistributing the load or reducing the amount in the machine might resolve the problem. If in doubt it is always better to do a couple of smaller loads rather than one huge load in order to protect your machine. The chances are if you think your appliance is too full then it is and prolonged periods of doing loads that are too heavy won’t serve you well long term.

Checking the filters for blockages could also mean a machine is not turning. This could be accompanied by the machine not draining properly so if you have both problems then a clogged filter could be the culprit.

For a persistent washer that is not turning then calling out an engineer might be the only option. If you’re confident you’ve ruled out the obvious problems and the machine is working fine otherwise then it could be a problem with the motor or pump or another part.

At Imperial Appliances Repair Nairobi Services we are professional repair technicians and would be happy to help with a washer that is not spinning or any other repair. We will attend to your broken appliance in a timely manner and we endeavor  to resolve the problem on our first visit rather than have you wait around. We understand how important washing machines are and aim to have them back up and running quickly.


Older washing machines never used to be as hi tech as the ones we find today, nor did they have the array of programmes to choose from. It is certainly true that modern washing machines can do much more in terms of the variety of programmes, timer settings and other add ons that people have become accustomed to. With digitial displays on most washers it is simple to select a programme for a load of washing and away you go. When things go wrong it’s typically possible to determine the problem from an error code on the digital display. When a washer is displaying error then it is telling you that something isn’t quite right.

Error codes can usually be translated by knowing what the code means or looking it up in the user manual. The code that is being displayed could range from something very simple that can be easily rectified to something more serious that could require a technician. A washer that displays error codes is trying to communicate and the chances are the machine won’t work until the problem is resolved. Some people aren’t keen on modern washer, preferring that a washer would still work despite a problem but actually it is the machines way of protecting parts and preserving the machine’s longevity.

Common appliance codes could be related to a problem with the door, a water heating sensor, a software or circuit board fault, a motor or pump fault plus much more. Simple things that could have an error code could be the door being left ajar on the machine or the detergent drawer not in situ properly.

To preserve the life of a washer and prevent the appliance from displaying error codes it is worth taking care of it. Using a washer-dryer inappropriately, overloading it or expecting it to deal with oversize item are all likely things to cause problems. Using a washing incorrectly is not normally likely to break it immediately but you could be storing up problems further down the line and let’s face it having a broken washer is very inconvenient. Treating your machine to regular servicing and using a special cleaner to ensure parts don’t get clogged up is usually recommended.

We are experts in appliance repairs and we can tackle all makes and models. We endeavor to attend to you as soon as possible so if you contact us we will try to help.



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