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DSTV is a popular satellite television service in Africa, offering a wide range of entertainment and educational channels to viewers. However, installing and maintaining a DSTV system can be challenging, which is why many people choose to hire professional DSTV installation and repair services.

DSTV Installation Services

DSTV installation services are available from various providers in Africa. These services typically involve the installation of a satellite dish, decoder, and other necessary components to enable the reception of DSTV signals. Professional installers ensure that the system is set up correctly and that all connections are secure.

DSTV Components

To receive DSTV signals, viewers need to have the following components:

  1. Satellite Dish: A satellite dish is used to receive the signals from the satellite. It is typically mounted on the roof or wall of a building and should be pointed towards the correct satellite.

  2. LNB: The Low-Noise Blockdown Converter (LNB) is the device that receives the signals from the satellite and converts them into a lower frequency that can be processed by the decoder.

  3. Decoder: The decoder is the device that receives the signals from the LNB and decodes them into the television channels that viewers can watch.

  4. Coaxial Cable: The coaxial cable is used to connect the LNB to the decoder.

DSTV Errors

Like any other technology, DSTV systems can encounter errors. Some common DSTV errors include:

  1. No Signal: This error occurs when the satellite dish is not pointed correctly or when there is an obstruction blocking the signal.

  2. E16: This error occurs when the decoder is not activated or when there is a problem with the Smartcard.

  3. E48: This error occurs when there is a problem with the signal from the LNB.

  4. E107: This error occurs when there is a problem with the decoder's software.

DSTV Installation and Repair Services

Professional DSTV installation and repair services can help ensure that viewers can enjoy their favorite DSTV channels without interruption. These services can include the following:

  1. Installation: Professional installers can set up a new DSTV system, including mounting the satellite dish, installing the decoder and other components, and ensuring that the system is working correctly.

  2. Maintenance: Regular maintenance can help ensure that the DSTV system is functioning correctly and that all components are working correctly.

  3. Repairs: If a DSTV system encounters an error, professional repair services can diagnose and fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

In conclusion, DSTV installation and repair services are essential for ensuring that viewers can enjoy their favorite DSTV channels without interruption. These services can provide professional installation, maintenance, and repair of DSTV systems, ensuring that viewers can enjoy high-quality entertainment and educational content at all times. So, if you are facing any DSTV related issues or need to install a new DSTV system, don't hesitate to reach out to professional DSTV installation and repair services.



This is a list of the best DStv installers in Nairobi. DStv installation is a basic requirement for any subscriber who wishes to enjoy programmes that DStv offers. Installation should be done by an accredited installer to avoid any errors that may occur.

Most of the installers charge between Kshs 1,500 to 3,000 depending on location and extra services that they offer.

Here is a list of the top 10 best DStv installers in Nairobi

1. Bestcare Facilities Management

Bestcare is an accredited installation company delivering the best DStv installation services in Nairobi. Their installers are always fully equipped to tackle any problem anywhere as well as recommend the best solution for you.

Location: Mpaka Plaza, 1st Floor Room 101,  Westlands/ Philadelphia House, Tom Mboya Street.


2. Lito Electronics

Lito Electronics is an accredited DStv, Zuku and Startimes installer offering affordable installation charges within Nairobi and Kiambu.

Location: Along Kiambu Road.


3. Alcatraz Dish Network Services

Alcatraz Dish Network is a trusted DStv specialist operating within Nairobi and its environs. The company gives a full range of DStv options including installation for all properties, be it homes, restaurants, bars or hotels.

Location: Mirage Plaza, Mombasa Road.


4. Bench Freight Movers

Bench Freight Movers provide professional DStv installation services, with a large team of the best DStv installers in the country.

Location: Makadara, Along Jogoo Road.


5. Home Rescue Services

Home Rescue Services are professionals when it comes to aerial and DStv installation. The company has well trained technicians who offer exceptional installation services within Nairobi.

Location: Madonna House, Westlands.


6. Absolute Movers

Absolute Movers offer unparalleled DStv installation services built on trust. Their services are affordable to all.

Location: Makadara.


7. Alloyki Communications

Alloyki Communications has friendly and well trained technicians who offer fast and affordable DStv installation services within Nairobi and its environs.

Location: A-Z Plaza, 1st Floor, Mombasa Road.


8. Superwave Aerials

The company offers affordable and professional DStv and aerial installation services all over Nairobi.

Location: Komarock, Opposite Nyama Villa.


9. Alfa Sounds Electronics

Alfa Sounds Electronics is an electronic shop that sells all types of electronics and offers DStv installation services across Nairobi.

Location: Luthuli- River Road Junction.


10. Ngaira Electronics

Ngaira Electronics offer DStv installation services and cable TV solutions for apartments, hotels, restaurants, residential homes and offices.

Location: Prestige Plaza, Ngong Road.


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