Cooker Hob Repair in Nairobi

Cooker Hob Repair in Nairobi
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The best repair services for cookers and cooker hob repairs in Nairobi Kenya. If you have a broken cooker hob that needs repair, Imperial appliances will avail a qualitied technician to assist with the fixing process. We repair any brand, model and type of gas hobs and electric hobs for customers in Nairobi. We serve as your ultimate cooker hob repair center and we are really good at it. Contact Imperial Appliances Repair Nairobi representatives on our number and enjoy the best cooker hob repair services near you. 

Reliable electric and gas hob repairs performed by local repair technicians in Nairobi

Whether your induction hob stops working all of a sudden, your gas hob won't stay lit when you most need it or your ceramic hob turns on and off to your annoyance, none of us is immune to experiencing these issues once in a while. And the key here is that they all need to be looked at by a certified and skilled appliance repairman. Imperial Appliances can assist you with arranging a professional domestic appliance repair service, designed to fix your faulty cooker hob, regardless of of its type, brand or model.

We work with trusted partners, who count only on fully certified electricians and Gas Safe registered engineers. The experts are thoroughly trained and vetted, and operating all week round, so you can entrust your appliance repair needs with confidence and at a convenient time for you.

Below, you can see what types of cooker hobs you can have fixed and running again in no time:

  1. Conventional gas hobs
  2. Wide gas hobs
  3. Gas-on-glass hobs
  4. Electric hobs
  5. Electric plate hobs
  6. Electric coil hob
  7. Ceramic hobs
  8. Induction hobs
  9. Glass hobs

The experienced appliance repairman will save the day by expertly identifying the issue and replacing any malfunctioning hob components for you. Note that if a broken electric hob can be just an inconvenience, issues with gas hobs can be actually dangerous. Therefore, don’t postpone calling in a certified gas engineer, who will ensure that your property and family are not put at risk.

Common faults the hob repair engineers can fix for you in Nairobi

Electric and gas appliances can pose a risk if not maintained and serviced on a regular basis. And when your cooker hob stops working as it should, the short-term inability to cook a meal is the last thing that you should worry about. Short circuit issues that can cause a fire or a carbon monoxide leak, due to a damaged gas hob connection, can be outright dangerous. So, as soon as you notice that the gas flame is of an unusual colour or your electric cooktop keeps tripping, don’t attempt figuring out what’s wrong with the appliance by yourself! Instead, hire a professional with Imperial Appliances!

We’ll assign a qualified engineer, who will determine the fault with your cooking appliance, no matter if it’s an AEG, Beko, Bosch, Neff, SMEG, or Zanussi make. Check out below some of the most common hob repair problems the pros can fix for you:

  1. Common gas hob problems
  2. Issues with adjusting the heat
  3. Malfunctioning ignition
  4. Gas leak/ unusual smell
  5. Unstable or uneven gas hob flames
  6. Faulty or damaged gas pipe connections

Common electric hob issues

  • Addressing a range of error codes
  • The ‘E’ symbol keeps flashing
  • Heat adjustment problems
  • Hob plate fails to heat up
  • Faulty electric hob ring
  • Energy regulator issues
  • Cooker hob trips the electricity
  • Cooktop shuts off during cooking
  • Indicator light fails to turn on
  • Sparks come out when the hob is turned on
  • Induction hob common problems
  • Induction hob doesn’t turn on/off
  • Induction hob keeps turning off during cooking
  • Induction hob display keeps flashing after being turned off
  • Induction hob is making a noise
  • Error code issues
  • Only parts of the induction hob heat up

Why rely on Imperial Appliances Repair Nairobi for your hob repair needs

Professional diagnostics and repairs
The fully equipped gas hob engineer or electric appliance repairman will first expertly diagnose the problem with your hob. They use original brand-specific replacement parts and always aim to fix your hob on the same day. If that’s not possible, the specialist will order the needed component and arrange a second visit to finish off the job.

Repairs of any make and model
Qualified and experenced cooker hob repair technicians for you in Nairobi. The repair technicians we work with are trained to fix any type, model and brand of electric, induction or gas cooker hobs. They have experience in repairing a variety of hob issues and always perform thorough tests upon completion of the service to confirm that your appliance functions as it should.

Appliance servicing for domestic and business clients alike
Whether you’re running a busy takeaway or Airbnb short let, should you have induction hob repair issues or a malfunctioning gas cooker hob, don’t hesitate to contact us! The specialists we’ve partnered with can eliminate faults with both commercial and domestic cooking appliances with your utmost satisfaction in mind.


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Cooker Hob Repair in Nairobi

Cooker Hob Repair in Nairobi

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