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BEKO Dishwasher Error Codes

We have collated a list of the common BEKO dishwasher error codes and listed them below, along with what they mean. Here they are:

Flashing Number Fault
H2 Turbidity sensor error
H3 Diverter valve error
H4 NTC error
H5 Uninterruptible water inlet error
H6 Water inlet fault
H7 Heating fault
Error Type Error Code
Overflow, water leaked into base P1 Blink
No Water into appliance P1 Blink
Heater fault P3 Blink
Turbidity fault - level of water clarity P4 Blink
3WV - Diverter Valve position error P5 Blink
NTC Fault (temperature sensor) P6 Blink
Water inlet valve fault F1 & F2 Blink (2 bars at bottom of display)