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How Long Food Lasts In Fridges And Freezers

It’s great living in the UK. We live in a day and age in which we can get almost any kind of food all year long. Want mangoes? No problem.
This variety can often lead us to buying a few too many items during our weekly shop. You know, those ‘don’t really need but nice to have’ items.

Knowing how long certain foods last for in your fridge freezer can be a little daunting causing constant worry if that last sausage roll is still good. As big foodies we wanted to find out how long food stays good for, so we’ve put together a handy little table below for food storage guidelines for fridges as well as the food storage guidelines for freezers (please note that freezer food is for quality guidelines only as frozen food is good indefinitely).

How Long Food Lasts In Fridges

Food Type Days In Fridge
Salads 3 - 5
Cooked Meat 3 - 5 (if opened), otherwise 7
Bacon 7
Sausages 1 - 2
Ground Meat (burgers, etc.) 1 - 2
Fresh Beef, Lamb, Pork 3 - 5
Fresh Chicken 1 - 2
Soups & Stews 3 - 4
Leftovers 3 - 4


How Long Food Lasts In Freezers

Food Type Months In Freezer
Salads They don’t freeze so well in the freezer.
Cooked Meat 1 - 2
Bacon 1
Sausages 1 - 2
Ground Meat (burgers, etc.) 3 - 4
Fresh Beef, Lamb, Pork Meats such as steak and roast can be kept for 6 - 12 months, whilst others like chops can be frozen for 4 - 6 months.
Fresh Chicken 1 year if whole otherwise 9 months if in pieces.
Soups & Stews 2 - 3
Leftovers Varied in the freezer, for example pizza could be kept for 1 to 2 months, chicken nuggets for up to 3 months, and cooked meat and poultry for up to 6 months.

What Temperature Should My Fridge Freezer Be Set To?

The ideal settings are 4 degrees celsius for your fridge and -18 degrees celsius for your freezer, however acceptable ranges are between 1 and 5 degrees for the fridge and -18 and -21 degrees for your freezer.

We hope this little guide helps you to get the most out of your food shop and leftovers!
Don’t forget it’s important to keep your fridge freezer working properly to make your food last longer too.